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Tom Lowenstein


Tom Lowenstein’s Next Move

After some six decades at the forefront of the accounting and taxation world, Tom Lowenstein has taken the difficult decision to announce his retirement effective in January 2022.


Launch of Tom Lowenstein’s Memoir

On 16 December 2021, Tom Lowenstein launched his memoir, Lovers and Others. It was a wonderful evening where we all had the opportunity to acknowledge the tireless work that Tom has given to arts and culture in Australia.


Publication of Tom Lowenstein’s autobiography

This candidly written memoir, enlivened by the author’s impish sense of humour, narrates the way in which, by chance and circumstance, Tom Lowenstein placed his career at the service of the Australian art world. 


Lowensteins: Election 2019 Arts Policy

Over the past decade, following the Global Financial Crisis of 2007/8, we have seen the primary art market and the Indigenous art market collapse in Australia, resulting in numerous galleries closing and artists’ incomes reducing drastically.


Accounting for change

Our recent office move to South Melbourne has given us the opportunity to initiate changes to Lowensteins' operations which will result in an improvement to the services that we offer our clients.


For the love of art

Leading tax accountant and financial adviser Tom Lowenstein has been collecting art and working with leading artists for decades. Next week a major part of his collection goes under the hammer.


Creative Exchanges

Tom Lowenstein is no garden variety art collector. Not for this accountant, now 80, the usual practice of buying pictures from galleries, auction houses or even directly from the artist.


Are the arts on the move?

After years of battling government and the Australian Tax Office on behalf of the arts sector - a frustrating process to say the least - I believe there is a positive undercurrent beginning to emerge within the visual arts community.

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