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Evan's Corner


Evan's corner

Not normally a reflective person, it is now perhaps opportune to take a short look back and relate the best things about working as an accountant to you. To many of you I have been  your trusted and hardworking accountant  for many years, having started way back in November 1985.


Evan’s Corner: 2020 in Review and moving into 2021

Since we are well into the 2021, I feel some optimism that there is a sense that the economy and life in general is improving.


Evan's Corner: House of Representatives Arts Inquiry - COVID-19 pandemic

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the arts industry, the Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts is holding an inquiry into Australia’s creative and cultural industries and institutions.


Evan's Corner: Federal Government Arts Grants

As a result of the pandemic and in response to industry concerns about a downturn in the arts, especially in the performing arts sector, the Federal Government announced a $250m arts rescue package and announced it with great fanfare.


Evan’s corner: Impact of COVID-19

Taxation treatment of the arts is one of the many issues that have been neglected by governments of all persuasions over the last eighteen to twenty years. Now it is time to start a serious conversation about tax reform for the arts.


Evan's Corner: Artists and the bushfires

Finally, as the horrific summer 2019/20 season of bushfires comes to an end, with the benefit of hindsight we are able to observe the aftermath of the disaster that has befallen our nation.


Evan's Corner: Report into the Australian art market and suggestions for reform

As part of Lowensteins' commitment to the arts and improving the cultural climate of Australia, I have become involved with Melbourne University to put together an ARC Linkage project proposal for reform of the visual arts sector in Australia.


Evan’s corner: Evan at the Tax Institute

For those of you who may have noticed that I have been more distracted  than usual at the office over the past few months, it was because I have been preparing a major paper on The Taxation of Art and Collectables for the Tax Institute.


Evan’s corner: An afternoon with Simon Schama

On a beautiful Friday autumn afternoon on the Mornington Peninsula, I had the wonderful pleasure of being present at a Wheeler Centre function to hear my great hero, Simon Schama, expound his views on all manner of subjects.


Evan's Corner: Election issues

As we approach the May 2019 election date, it is timely to ask ourselves, as advocates for the arts, ‘What does the next Government hold for arts policy in Australia?'


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