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Evan Lowenstein


Lowenstein Arts Management Prize winners for 2020

We are delighted to announce the winners of the scholarship awards to Australian 2020 final year visual art students.


Evan’s Corner: 2020 in Review and moving into 2021

Since we are well into the 2021, I feel some optimism that there is a sense that the economy and life in general is improving.


The Lowensteins Index

For the last few years Lowensteins has been collating figures to show how the economic conditions have affected artists’ incomes over the years.


Arts and philanthropy

After doing some reading over the holiday period, I discovered a report “Giving Attitude” by Creative Partnerships Australia - formerly Australian Business Arts Foundation (ABAF) - the government agency that is involved in arts philanthropy.


Coronavirus and the Arts

All forms of the arts have been dealt a savage blow with the advent of the Coronavirus.


2019 The Year in Review

As we turn our attention to the summer holidays and 2019 swiftly flows away into the pages of history, it is useful to reflect on the past business year.


Evan's Corner: Election issues

As we approach the May 2019 election date, it is timely to ask ourselves, as advocates for the arts, ‘What does the next Government hold for arts policy in Australia?'


Tax reform for Australian artists

In the previous edition of  Lowensteins' Newsletter, we advocated a radical need to reform the tax system as it affects Australian artists. We have had positive feedback about this suggested reform from several clients in the arts community.


Evan's Corner: Time to start a conversation

Taxation treatment of the arts is one of the many issues that have been neglected by governments of all persuasions over the last eighteen to twenty years. Now it is time to start a serious conversation about tax reform for the arts. 


Evan's corner: Hong Kong Art Fair

Once again I had the privilege of travelling to Hong Kong for the sixth iteration of ART Basel, held from the 27 to 31 March 2018.


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