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JobKeeper 3.0!?

On 21 July 2020,the Government announced that the JobKeeper Payment (‘JKP’) would be extended until 28 March 2021(i.e., for a further six months beyond its original end date of 27 September 2020). As a result, JKPs would now be made over two separate extension periods.


Lockdown 3.0

To our friends around Australia, our thoughts are with you at this time. We express our sympathies and condolences to those that  have lost loved ones during this time.


JobKeeper 2.0

The Government has announced that JobKeeper payments will continue for 6 months beyond the legislated finish date of 27 September 2020, subject to revamped eligibility rules. There will be 2 tiers of payment rates as part of "JobKeeper 2.0"


What's happening in Superannuation

There are some changes to superannuation to note from the 1st July 2020; removal of work test to age 67, temporary reduction in super pension minimum drawdowns, early release of super, Super Guarantee Amnesty for Employers.


Here we go again

Despite this, we want to write to you and reassure you that the Melbourne office will still be functioning with only minor disruptions.


Victorian Government announces Lockdown relief measures

The State Government has announced a further $534 million Business Support Package to provide more support to help businesses and workers through to the other side of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


JobKeeper Step 3

There is a requirement to continue to report monthly turnover for the purposes of maintaining the eligibility to receive the JobKeeper payments.


News Release: Government providing support to the Arts and Entertainment industry

It is with some sense of satisfaction that the Government is appearing to be moving in the right direction with the announcement that the Prime Minister, himself will be taking charge of providing support to the Arts and Entertainment industry.


JobKeeper Updates

Over the past few days, there have been some more ATO releases around  issues of timing, eligibility and other practical problems revolving around  the JobKeeper program.


JobKeeper Step 2

Now that you have enrolled in the JobKeeper program by completing the requirements of Step 1- Enrol, there is another hurdle to jump that actually facilitates the release of funds to you.


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