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Victorian Government Covid Hardship Grant Details

The Victorian Government has established a “new” funding option for businesses that were not eligible under the terms and conditions of other Grants launched after the 27th May 2021.


Victorian Government Lockdown 6.0 Assistance packages

The Victorian Government has announced a new $400 million package, jointly funded by the Commonwealth Government.


Detail changes for NSW grant participants

Additional Information for NSW JobSaver participants and NSW Covid Grants.


Federal and Victorian Government Details of assistance packages

There have been some more announcements from various Governments to fill in more of the gaps around the assistance packages to help people in lockdowns in both Victoria and NSW.


NSW Details for JobSaver

The NSW Government have released their guidelines for Job Saver


Arts Focused Assistance Packages

As we  find ourselves amidst the most recent Covid-19 related lockdowns and much news around about  regular businesses receiving grants to help them through this difficult time, I thought it fitting to focus on the arts related grants available as many performers and others in the arts are dealing with the cancellation of shows and events and are not sure what is on offer in the form of assistance.


NSW and Victorian Assistance Package details

Due to deteriorating conditions in both States, the Governments of both have announced the following major assistance packages. Basically the Federal Government will meet Income assistance and States will administer business assistance.


NSW Assistance Details

NSW Government Assistance … noting that this is support provided via the NSW Government platform.


NSW Assistance Packages

As a result of the 2 week lockdown imposed by the NSW Government in May/June 2021, the Government have decided to grant eligible business, grants of between $5,000 and $10,000 in addition to other industry-specific measures.


NSW Lockdown Therapy

To our clients and friends in NSW and indeed around the country, we wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you at this time.


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