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Artist profile: Moira Finucane

Moira Finucane has been described as a force of nature; but the performer and producer’s identity as Queen of edgy, sometimes monstrous genre and gender-twisting cabaret is a carefully crafted one, embellished over a career spanning three decades.


Artist profile duo: Carolyn Burns and Simon Phillips

What rhymes with Fidel Castro? Carolyn Burns says she’s not allowed to say too much about her current project, a musical she’s been tinkering with for several years based on Cuba’s turbulent post-war history. 


Artist profile: Sally Smart

Feminism is at the heart of Sally Smart’s work. Her use of collage and assemblage in different mediums and materials, although resulting in large installations on public display, also explore the private world of pattern-cutting and home making and the crafts traditionally associated with women.


Artist profile: Shelley Lasica

For many dancers, ageing means a move from performing into teaching and choreography, yet Shelley Lasica, one of the country’s most individual and influential performers for thirty years, has no intention of stepping off the stage; from her earliest years she has also taught, mentored and created work for herself and others.


Artist profile: Ian Wieczorek

Artist, Ian Wieczorek, who moved from the UK to the Republic in 1992, says that the country is justifiably proud of its creative heritage, especially its storytelling traditions and literary luminaries like Beckett, Joyce, Yeats and Heaney.  


Artist profile: Deborah Conway and Willy Zygie

Deborah Conway and Willy Zygier are in the middle of making another album. It hasn’t got a name yet, says Conway, but after a few gigs to warm up, in August they’ll head to a recording studio in Melbourne, where they live.


Artist Profile: Konstantin Dimopoulos

Artist, Konstantin Dimopoulos - who is currently working on a range of projects in the USA - was born in Port Said, Egypt, to Greek parents and grew up at the mouth of the Suez Canal until the age of eight, when the family moved to Wellington, New Zealand.


Artist Profile: Shaun Tan

Shaun Tan, Artist, talks to Fiona Gruber


Mary Lou Jelbart Profile

Housed in a former rag trade warehouse, fortyfivedownstairs is a gallery and performance space tucked up the top end of Flinders Lane in Melbourne’s art gallery strip.

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