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Artist Profile


Artist profile: Arnie Zable

One of my first encounters with the writer Arnold Zable was in the form of a small suitcase that had belonged to his father. It was part of an exhibition at Melbourne’s Jewish Museum in 2011. 


Artist Profile: Daniel Crooks

When Daniel Crooks was a film student at VCA in the 1990s, he filled his bedroom with old TVs. The local Northcote tip sold obsolete sets for a dollar and he’d take them home and play around with their capabilities.


Artist profile: Lisa Roet

We’re discussing the study of humans, their ancestors and the other species to which we’re related. This subject and the fragile environments humans have created for so many species, is at the core of Roet’s practice, which includes works on paper, large-scale installations, sculpture and jewellery.


Artist profile: Rhys Mitchell

Sleeping in a walk-in wardrobe might not be everyone’s idea of the Hollywood dream but for Rhys Mitchell, a bit of deprivation on the road to success is par for the course.


Artist Profile: Yvette Coppersmith

When Yvette Coppersmith was fifteen she visited her first Archibald Prize exhibition. “I looked at them all,” she comments “and remember standing there wondering how the artists painted them”.


Gallerist profile: Stuart Purves

Home was the Australian Galleries, founded by his parents Anne and Tam in 1956. Stuart was ten when it opened and that’s when his real education began, he says.


Gallerist profile: Christopher Day

While celebrating forty years with an exhibition of fine traditional art works, Christopher Day can reflect that the endurance of his gallery in Paddington makes him the longest single owner in Sydney.


Artist profile: Moira Finucane

Moira Finucane has been described as a force of nature; but the performer and producer’s identity as Queen of edgy, sometimes monstrous genre and gender-twisting cabaret is a carefully crafted one, embellished over a career spanning three decades.


Artist profile duo: Carolyn Burns and Simon Phillips

What rhymes with Fidel Castro? Carolyn Burns says she’s not allowed to say too much about her current project, a musical she’s been tinkering with for several years based on Cuba’s turbulent post-war history. 


Artist profile: Sally Smart

Feminism is at the heart of Sally Smart’s work. Her use of collage and assemblage in different mediums and materials, although resulting in large installations on public display, also explore the private world of pattern-cutting and home making and the crafts traditionally associated with women.


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