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Announcing Lowensteins Arts Management Prize winners for 2019

Evan Lowenstein and Sarah Walker, Winner Lowensteins Arts Management Pty Ltd scholarship, RMIT end of year graduate show.

An accountant appropriate artwork, VCA graduate show: Scotty So, honours student, “Doing tax at night 72 Smith Street”, 2019.

Staff and students, RMIT End of year graduate show, Franklin Street Studio, Building 49

Announcing Lowensteins Arts Management Prize winners for 2019

Written by: 
Evan Lowenstein

We are again delighted to announce the winners of the scholarship awards to Australian final year visual art students.

Lowensteins’ program was rolled out in 2017 and it has resulted in the recognition of our commitment to the future of arts and the cultural environment.

As this edition goes to press, we are pleased to announce two winners:

RMIT: Sarah Walker

Sarah is a MFA 2019 graduate who “uses comedy, narrative and speculative fiction to create surprising encounters with fears and tension around death, disaster and catastrophe”

(RMIT Year Book 2019, courtesy RMIT)

University of Melbourne - VCAM: Ariane Jaccarini

Congratulations to both winners of the annual Lowensteins Arts Management Prize of $2,000 each.

I was lucky enough to attend both graduations last week which were a wonderful demonstration of creativity and sophistication. The VCA had a party/festival atmosphere with a DJ, food vans and the run of the whole campus exhibiting 686 works.

It was very heartening to see so many corporations, institutions and individual benefactors that came forward to support the giving of prizes.

It is great to see that philanthropy is alive and well in Melbourne!