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Adam Micmacher

Adam Micmacher - Director
Director - Sydney Office

Adam Micmacher originally joined the firm of Lowenstein Sharp Feiglin Ades in 1987 and was made an Associate of Lowenstein Sharp in 1997. He has since managed the Sydney office of Lowensteins  since  2002.

He divides his time between Melbourne and Sydney.

He is the joint Managing Partner responsible for the larger entity based clients in Sydney and in Melbourne and brings with him 20 years of experience.

He has particular experience in the areas of superannuation and deceased estates

A graduate of Monash University (Business Accounting), Adam majored in finance, later graduating from the Securities Institute of Australia. Adam has been Treasurer and Secretary of NAVA (National Association for Visual Arts) for several years and is now a Consultant in an advisory capacity and a contributor to their newsletters. He is also on the Board of New Flames Inc. providing financial guidance. He also lectures to graduates and staff at major Art Schools and Universities in Sydney. His relationship with the arts fraternity in Sydney has been an important one, evidenced by the significant growth in clients over the last fifteen years.